The proteins listed below have been observed in every tissue. Proteins detected across all of the twenty six organ types and stages sampled in this study are likely to be both related to core cellular fuctions and expressed at high levels. These proteins are interesting from the perspective that they’re the essential building blocks upon which additional functions are constructed to create specialised organs and tissues and, pragmatically, for experimenters they represent excellent targets for the normalization of proteomic data. In the Wheat Proteome database we have also included the RNA-seq datasets referenced above making it potentially useful for the normalization of transcript data also.
Total number of proteins: 2243
Pathway Number of Proteins
amino acid metabolism 76
Biodegradation of Xenobiotics 8
C1-metabolism 11
cell 126
cell wall 24
Co-factor and vitamine metabolism 2
development 15
DNA 275
fermentation 9
gluconeogenesis / glyoxylate cycle 8
glycolysis 84
hormone metabolism 15
lipid metabolism 36
major CHO metabolism 23
metal handling 12
minor CHO metabolism 7
misc 20
mitochondrial electron transport / ATP synthesis 58
N-metabolism 6
not assigned 79
nucleotide metabolism 34
OPP 15
polyamine metabolism 6
protein 738
PS 55
redox 59
RNA 49
secondary metabolism 13
signalling 110
stress 99
TCA / org transformation 97
tetrapyrrole synthesis 6
transport 68
The above list only counts proteins that were observed in every mass spectrometry sample (at a 2% PSM FDR) and are supported by transcript data in each of the organs we have transcript data for.

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